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  • The Love Witch

    The Love Witch


    I couldn't take my eyes off Samantha Robinson as the Love Witch and her naively hopeful outlook on "love" (love goes in quotation marks because what the Love Witch deems as love and what love really is are two completely separate ideas).

    This is a movie about love like you've never seen before. With flawless 70's production design and film techniques, this is a highly stylized movie which breaks apart gender and relationships like a stab in the back from a jilted lover.

  • Goodbye Berlin

    Goodbye Berlin


    A solid coming of age road trip story, full of Summer sun and possibilities.

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  • Men & Chicken

    Men & Chicken


    If this film hadn't had the glorious Mads Mikkelsen in it I'm not sure I would have found it but I'm glad I did. The blackest of bleak European comedy at it's best about a dysfunctional band of brothers who live in a remote island village.
    "Which came first the chicken or the egg?" ...You'll never think about this question quite the same again.

  • Tickled



    What starts as an innocent search into the sport of competitive tickling quickly turns into something much more sinister. The filmmakers take an investigative approach to try and get to the bottom of this unusual and surprisingly unfunny sport.