It ★★★★

Summer 1989, kids with their bicycles. A boy from the neighborhood goes missing. “It” is perhaps one of the most known work by Stephen King. The two-part movie (or miniseries to be exact) from 1990 by Tommy Lee Wallace (Amityville, Halloween III, The Fields) is part of the popular culture, but also an excellent one.

It’s always exciting to go to watch a movie remake of a cult-classic film decades after the original. I was going to wait for this adaptation to be released on Blu-ray, but after hearing so much good about it, went seeing it to the theatre. And I sure wasn’t disappointed.

I don’t have Coulrophobia (fear of clowns) and do not consider them as scary per se, but the story behind “It” always gets me. It’s literally about fear itself. I loved Finn Wolfhard in Stranger Things; I have to say he is also brilliant in this film – his character as a funny-man is a joy to watch. Other characters are relatable as well. Oh, how I miss those sunny days in the childhood. Some scenes and atmosphere remind me about Stand by Me.

As for “it” in “It,” it is scary indeed. But not too scary. The pace is amazingly calm even though it had its climax. Andy Muschietti has not directed much before it (unintentional puns go with this movie, obviously), but Mama (2013) was solid, creepy film. As for It, bravo, I say! We will hear from Muschietti, that’s for sure.

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