The Pact ★★

I wanted to like it, but the plot is just strange and confusing, hard to follow, too much missing. Caity Lotz is irritatingly poor actor, it's so transparent and pretentious and that could have been saved with a little more interesting characters - but no. Can't get a grip on anything, because it doesn't make any sense.

It has its moments I have to admit, quite creepy atmosphere with half of the film and couple of pretty good jump-scares. Other than that, it offers nothing I have not seen before. The so called plot is so predictable that the final solution is easy to guess already when there's still one of the third of the movie still left to watch... not that it interests in that point any longer.

Not the worst b-class horror film I've seen, but definitely not a good film overall. I recommend you to skip this one, believe me, you won't miss anything.