Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★

Once a visionary director, Zack Snyder steadily continues his downward spiral into overlong big budget boredom.

As I see it, "Army Of The Dead" had 2 roads it could've walked to be a banger: Number 1 - a balls-to-the-walls ridiculous 90 minute actioner. Number 2 - a suspenseful no-nonsense heist version of Call Of Duty Zombies. It tries to be both, it succeeds at being neither.

My main gripe is the characters. They are clowns. Each and every one of them. In the worst sense of the word. And for some reason Snyder frequently goes for drama and expects the audience to feel for them. I don't know, bud, but I don't think betting on Dave Bautista crying is such a good idea.

And then the action disappoints too. Nothing particularly creative or exciting. Just some run-of-the-mill shootouts with some very obvious CGI instead of anything practical for gore. I guess, I can praise the zombie makeup, but only if they stopped screeching every goddamn minute like a bunch of stepped on harpies. Ugh....

There are glimpses of creative and entertaining ideas here and there. The opening delivers some goods. The zombie wearing a metal helmet is a fun concept. Some nice helicopter action near the end. The homages to Aliens. Bits and pieces, though. Just bits and pieces.

Seems like Netflix is looking at making this The zombie franchise for the service. But you can count me out until something better shambles along.