Mothra vs. Godzilla ★★★★

Now this is more like it! Absolutely adored this entry in the series. The mood is serious, the plot is streamlined, the action comes early and absolutely delivers. Godzilla's look in this film is my favorite so far, cause it really reminds me of his Heisei-era mug. That's one pissed off lizard!
Mothra is just as majestic as in her solo film and they manage to build up tension effectively with her cycle of death and rebirth.
I also thought that the production really took a leap forward in terms of visual effects. The compositing looks awesome with Godzilla menacingly looming in the backgrounds. Also more melting tanks and actual fire effects. At one point even Godzilla is on fire!
The only minor quibble i have is that the way Godzilla is stopped this time seems VERY temporary, though the idea for the demise itself is pretty cool.
Excellent film and an easy recommend to anyone even slightly interested.

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