Paris, Texas ★★★★

A man in a red hat bobs across the sweeping vistas of Texas on a journey to discover themself again. Wim Wenders’ decision to weave greens and reds throughout the narrative is an ingenious decision. 

On the surface, green here represents growth and renewal and red signaling determination, passion, desire, and love. Obviously that’s a great decision, but when combining red and green you get gray due to red being a primary color and green, a secondary. Gray being associated with loss and depression in the context of Travis’ journey. It’s an impeccable move that uses color in a way that works as a tool in assisting the narrative, and it continuously blew my mind in how Wenders found a way to incorporate those colors. 

For how well written, directed, performed, and shot it is, I found no emotional investment in the story. The final half hour is a powerhouse of emotion through great use of exposition, but I simply wasn’t invested enough into the characters or the journey. 

Considering the Criterion for this one, but I’ll be prioritizing others before this.