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  • They Won't Forget

    They Won't Forget


    Lana Turner's film debut, when she was all of 16 years old. Thinking of how she was promoted and nicknamed the sweater girl after her brief role in this, because of her figure, it just really creeps me out. She was only 16. But she was Mervyn Leroy's protege, and he at least was never predatory towards her. This wasn't as disappointing as I thought it would have been, considering that it was inspired by a case of anti-semitism and…

  • Almost Adults

    Almost Adults

    You know that scene in Mean Girls when they see Ms. Norbury at the mall and Janice says "Oh man, that is bleak," when she leaves? That was me watching this movie. It's as if all those kids on tumblr who make the really popular text posts (but not the actual funny ones) got together and made a movie. No. This is actually one really bad, overused tumblr meme in movie form.

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  • Moana



    "After a thousand years of darkness he will restore mankind's connection to the earth that was destroyed. And he will guide the people of this planet at last to a land of purity." -Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind 

    Moana reminded me so much of Nausicaa, which is the Ghibli film and heroine closest to my heart. The prophesies and legends tell of a man who will save the world, but it's not a man at all. It's…

  • Without Lying Down: Frances Marion and the Power of Women in Hollywood

    Without Lying Down: Frances Marion and the Power of Women in Hollywood


    I'm actually reading the book by Cari Beauchamp, which I strongly recommend.

    Frances Marion is becoming a hero of mine. Not only because she was a successful and in demand writer, but because of her close friendships and fierce loyalty to other women. It was a sisterhood in the early days of the movies, when women could and did so much. And how I wish for its resurgence in present day Hollywood, preferably with more women of color leading the charge. (I WILL work with Ava Duvernay someday, y'all).