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  • La Strada

    La Strada


    I fucking love Fellini!

    This film is beautiful and cynical but not in a way that ignores the beauty of life. Also, I cannot get over the way Anthony Quinn totally inhaled that ice cream cone near the end.

  • What Did Jack Do?

    What Did Jack Do?


    Real Love is a Banana, Sweet with a Golden Hue

    A monkey hit the nail on the head. David Lynch, thank you! You didn’t need to do that, but thank you anyway.

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  • Life, and Nothing More...

    Life, and Nothing More...


    If we died and then came back to life, people would appreciate life more.

    Abbas Kiarostami is, without competition, the single most empathetic director of all time. 

    This film is a beautiful portrait of human perseverance. Who knew a film about the aftermath of an earthquake that led to thousands upon thousands of casualties would be one of the most life-affirming films ever made?

  • The Bread and Alley

    The Bread and Alley


    I love Abbas Kiarostami! He is the most humane director of all time. His films transcend language and culture, his films are just about being human.
    Watching this, I relived a small piece of my childhood. When I was a kid I had to walk pretty far from my bus stop to my home, and I had this neighbor whose dog always got out. It was a big dog, me and my neighbors Parker and Brandon would always slowly make…