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  • Eega



    I'll try to give next to nothing away, meaning if you want an actual review rather than an extended recommendation, you should probably look elsewhere.

    A man is killed by his rival in love. Reincarnated as a fly, he seeks revenge.

    The fact that this film somehow manages to not be terrible is an achievement in itself. Rajamouli's visual inventiveness works well with his fondness for elaborate set pieces works perfectly here; the premise is so absurd that we never…

  • The Party

    The Party


    When you throw away any pretensions of depth (I realise the idea is that these people are all hypocrites in spite of their surface level principles), this film becomes entertaining. This film does competently hit the beats of many plays that show bourgeois social circles to not be as refined as they appear. However, veiled allusions to Brexit do not make this film deep or politically insightful.

    Enjoy the melodrama and fantastic cast, and then probably forget the next day.

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  • Unsane



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Soderbergh does an impressive job of keeping two massive themes alive for so long in this film. However, this is an ambitious task, and eventually this film collapses under that ambition in a weak finale where the film's two great themes dilute one another.

    First, we have the theme of mental health and its treatment under tha American healthcare system. Foy's Sawyer Valentini is accidentally commits herself into a hospital's psychiatric ward. She is detained there until her health insurance…

  • Mute


    I always felt like Jones makes movies for people who think they're smarter than they are, but apparently this time around even they're not fooled.