The Kid

The Kid ★★★★

lost in lovely memories
heart dances in pure joy-
the happy childhood-
the green village, the river,
tall trees, fine play mates-
those hills around, the downpour
of thick rains, pleasant smell of earth-
my love sown by nature all around
haunt me to love more even now
the beautiful places around -
I feel ecstatic as my feelings
are born with dormant aches of joy-
tears roll down, I feel melted, elated
as I think of all around me, their love-
to be a good human one must always
see good, think good, and do good only.

'The Kid' is a film about innate goodness that truly embodies the term "actions speak louder and words" and it also shows that a silent film can convey an array of emotions. Watching 'The Kid' was truly an experience that was both heartwarming and heartbreaking, it achieves a fine balance between being funny with it's slapstick comedy and it's somewhat sad story about the Tramp and the Orphan, the sort of father-son relationship has some great emotional weight to it and whenever the film wants me to feel for the characters I truly feel for them. And despite the fact that this is a very sweet and heartrending film, that sweetness never gets in the way of the scathing and brutal critique that underlies it, nor does it ever linger so much in its sweetness that it becomes saccharine - it's just enough that we can feel deeply for these characters while the hilarity of the dark and physical comedy is never diminished. The best of both worlds!

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