Tenet ★★★½

Christopher Nolan has created a paradox. A film that can only be truly understood after at least 2 viewings, but must be seen first in order to be understood the second time... Or something, I don't fucking know my head hurts. This movie is both fantastic and incredibly flawed. The music and sound design is... Problematic? It's confusing and not always representative of what's happening, or is it? Loud obscene sounds ringing throughout moments of drama indicating action is taking place when it's just dialogue. But maybe these so called quiet moments actually mean something. Again, I don't know because I've just left the theater and am both impressed and confounded. I will say this though when you can hear/understand what is happening this is phenomenal. And what you see is always incredible. If you didn't know who directed this film beforehand, but we're familiar with Nolan's work, you would know who made it. For multiple reasons. The sound and music. The beautiful wide shots, the emphasis on time and the muffled dialogue. It's time for Nolan to direct someone else's story or for someone to direct his, because he has tremendous story concepts and an even better visual style, but can't always marry the two. Wow, I've said a lot, but nothing at the same time, which is what this movie is. My only real problem though was the kinetic pacing that effects the performances. JDW is pretty damn good in this when he's allowed to breathe. His swagger and charm reminiscent of his father. And while not a better performer than his father, JDW football past gives him a mobility his father never had. Please just watch this movie, it's one of those decisive can't miss movies that will surely end up in the 2.9-3.2 star range on Letterboxd and if this isn't your type of movie, see it anyway if only for the Magical Elizabeth Debicki. A creation like no other.

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