Escape Room ★★★★★

“This movie was garbage” I echoed to myself as I was leaving the theater. That was 12 bucks I would never get back. 

As I pressed on the door to exit the theatre the handle came off! That’s when I realized... the movie was real and I was in yet another room and must now battle for my life to escape. 

I quickly surveyed the dark theatre to find clues. There were 82 pieces of chewed gum  under the seats, I’ll remember that for later. I made a big ball out of it and put it in my backpack (My bag was full so I had to toss my schitzophenia meds.) 

There were 164 seats in the theatre. Obviously I was meant to divide this by the gum. 2. But what did two mean? I realized it meant I was not alone. My conclusion was correct as a man with a flashlight approached me and asked me why I was still in the theatre and why I was naked. 

Realizing that he was probably the game master I sprang into action and knocked him out cold with my gum ball. I took his flashlight.

At the back of the theatre I saw a sign. “Emergency Exit” it read. “They must think I’m stupid” I whispered. 

I’m still in the room at this moment. Not sure if I’ll ever get out. There is no washroom and I am almost out of floor popcorn. I think if I wait it out long enough a secret door will open. One can only hope. 

Great movie though 10/10