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  • Daybreakers




    I guess Ethan Hawke can act? And here I just thought he was some guy I see at AA time to time.

  • The Maze Runner

    The Maze Runner


    If you like the Hunger Games then you will probably trade your hard earned food stamps in for a ticket to this movie too. Make sure you don't forget the leg brace, wouldn't want to lose your disability over a rookie mistake like that.

  • Poltergeist



    Acting was alright. Characters fit. It just wasn't scary, not at all. Not one time.

  • The Da Vinci Code

    The Da Vinci Code


    If you manage to get through the first 30 minutes of boring details and dreadful exposition then maybe you can stomach the rest of it. Seriously, keeping my concentration was like running the iron man, it took endurance and dedication and years of training on bad films.

    After the ball keeps rolling along National Treasure style to different tourist trap locations I realized that this is the movie. It's just a huge scavenger hunt that follows the basic formula, Go…

  • Deadfall



    "Wow, what a mess"

    Those were he first words that came out of my mouth when I watched this convoluted tire fire of a film.

    Besides watching this movie for the unintentional comedic value I would suggest avoiding this movie at all costs.

  • Man of Steel

    Man of Steel


    Man I hated this movie. 

    When you are dealing with a super man movie it's it usually a toss up between a good or a bad movie. This movie was just boring, which is not supposed to happen in a movie like this. I had to watch this movie twice because the first time I fell asleep 20 minutes in and forgot every one of those minutes. Very disappointing but not surprised. More green rocks next time... I guess...