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  • Day the World Ended

    Day the World Ended


    Roger Corman’s first horror film that he directed on his own (he had done some uncredited work on The Beast with 1000 Eyes). Released by AIP back when they were still called ARC and didn’t have that “international” part of their name. Featuring Richard Denning of The Creature from the Black Lagoon, Lori Nelson from the sequel to that movie, and Paul Birch of The War of the Worlds. 

    This is definitely the oldest post-apocalyptic film I’ve seen. After a…

  • Alice in Wonderland

    Alice in Wonderland


    Tim Burton’s 7th collaboration with Johnny Depp, after Sweeney Todd and Before Dark Shadows. This movie is primarily for kids, and so watching it as a 36 year old makes it tough to fully evaluate because it didn’t hold my full attention. I didn’t like the score, the pacing, or the fact that most of the movie is CGI. That being said, the acting, costumes, and set designs were very good. I feel like if it were 20 minutes shorter, I would have enjoyed it more. But it was pretty decent for what it was.

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  • The Warriors

    The Warriors


    I thought I had seen this years ago but what I was actually thinking of was The Outsiders, so this was my first time seeing this masterpiece. The score, the characters, the story, and the glorious nyc late 70s setting had me captivated the entire time. Couldn’t have enjoyed it more. Can’t believe I went so long without seeing it.

  • Maniac



    This one has been recommended to me many times, and some said that it was the best slasher. I’m gonna say I don’t even consider it a slasher, but I thought it was real good and I liked it a lot. 

    The premise is that a man who had suffered abuse as a child becomes a serial killer, hunting women and saving their scalps as trophies. A few things make this stand out as being good. First off, and in…