• Not Okay

    Not Okay


    The more I sit on this, the more I like it. I ultimately think the execution is a little wonky, and the movie sets up too many things that are a bit conflicting from its overall message… but that ending and the all of the stuff with Rowan is so good!!!
    And Zoey is just so damn watchable.

  • Martyrs



    And just like that, I’m no longer allowed to pick the movie on movie nights

  • Nope



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Shoutout to my grandma who got pissed and cried when she looked away from the screen during the last 5 seconds to pack up and missed that OJ was still infact alive.

  • The Heat

    The Heat


    Okay, but why does this movie have an Azelia Banks needledrop in it?

  • Nope



    Currently booking tickets again to another imax showing. This was wayyy better than I could of ever anticipated. I’m curious to see what sticks the landing on a second watch, and what wears thin… but let me tell you… I can’t think of the last time I saw a movie in theaters that managed to make my stomach flip one moment, make me sick from laughing another moment, and then had my head throbbing from tension the next. 

    Yeah, go see this on the biggest screen available  as soon as possible.

  • Cecil B. Demented

    Cecil B. Demented


    Yeah, this shit still slaps. Easily John Waters’ best studio film.

  • Desperate Living

    Desperate Living


    No, because you don’t understand.. I DESPERATELY want to be one of Queen Carlotta’s subjects. I’d literally do anything for her.

  • Thor: Love and Thunder

    Thor: Love and Thunder


    I didn’t hate this movie, but I can’t get over how painfully unfunny and insignificant it is. I saw this an hour and a half ago, and I honestly couldn’t tell you what happened. At least it’s fast paced and not too overly long?

  • Multiple Maniacs

    Multiple Maniacs


    I’ve seen 8 of John Waters’ films now (including this one), and I think this is the one that got to me the most. Nothing has audibly made me yell “WHAT THE FUCK-!?” more than that lobster segment.

  • Polyester



    At first I thought he was walking his dog. Then I realized, it was his date 

    Yeah, I think it’s time for me to go to bed now because John Waters has fried my brain. I had to pause the movie for a good 5 minute because I couldn’t stop laughing at that quote at the top. God I need to finish the rest of John Waters’ filmography.

  • Female Trouble

    Female Trouble


    I've DONE everything a mother can do: I've locked her in her room, I've beat her with the car aerial. Nothing changes her. It's HARD being a loving mother! 

    You can hate Dawn all you want, but she knew what the fuck she wanted and went for it. If my parents got me nasty ass shoes like that instead of ch-ch heels for Christmas, I probably would of went insane too.

  • Jurassic World Dominion

    Jurassic World Dominion


    This movie is unbelievably stupid and silly… so I can’t truly be mad at it. The plot is all over the place, and the dialogue is so laughably bad. My date and I almost got kicked out of the theater because we couldn’t stop laughing. That experience alone made this movie wayyy more fun than it should be. Plus, I’m just such a huge sucker for the legacy trio. God Bless them