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  • Crazed Fruit
  • Johnny Guitar
  • Volver
  • Aliens

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  • Singin' in the Rain

  • Gold Diggers of 1933

  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

  • Double Suicide


Recent reviews

  • Tousei Shinshotai

    Tousei Shinshotai

    (Seen as part of the Kyoto International Film Festival.)

    The initial scenes seem to set up a dialogue-heavy melodrama, so the light Harold Lloyd-esque comedy was a pleasant surprise. Pretty boilerplate overall with some inspired gags: the bit where he tricks his two debtors into thinking the other was a rich uncle come to settle his tab was a good one. Lots of fast motion chases and a notably...ornamental...slo mo leap over the closed factory fence. Twenty minutes well spent.…

  • Frozen


    It's fine and all, but why do the princesses have the same profile as the human-xenomorph hybrid monstrosity in Alien Resurrection?


Popular reviews

  • Hallelujah


    "If the Soviet cinema no longer gives us the equivalent of Potemkin or Hollywood the equivalent of Sunrise, Hallelujah, It Happened One Night, or even of Stagecoach..."

    That's Andre Bazin, in his "In Defense of Mixed Cinema." Stumbling across that line I had one of those filmshistorical gobsmacked moments – this Hallelujah film I'd never heard of, placed in such august company.

    And having seen it now, well, yes. What you'll read elsewhere is true: the music is sublime; the representational…

  • Green Snake

    Green Snake

    Astonishingly expressive color; astonishingly dense mise-en-scene. Felt a bit like von Sternberg meeting up with Sirk, or even better Querelle-era Fassbinder doing Sirk. Eye-popping, campy, graphic, sexy, never a boring moment.