• Little Women

    Little Women

    gretapocalypse gerwigeddon...one perfect scene after another

  • Ammonite


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    "Last year around this time we had snow."

    I think this might be one of the first examples for a lesbian romance film that would have benefitted from leaving the lesbian romance out. Francis Lee leaves us with a screenplay that lacks a clear vision and which is full of tonal conflicts. The romance and the portrayal of Mary Anning's everyday life never manage to come together in a satisfying way. It constantly feels like Francis Lee couldn't decide whether…

  • The Queen's Gambit

    The Queen's Gambit

    "I think maybe it's always been you."

    This is truly a show about finding beauty and universal meaning in the details and specificity of a story. It does so many things so right but a story that is especially trying to be carried by themes of motherhood and growing up a girl can only be told by men for so long. It‘s a perfect example for how just because men have the ability to tell touching, interesting and ultimately good stories…

  • The Haunting of Hill House

    The Haunting of Hill House

    "You guys go on without me."

    "How could we?"

  • Tenet


    Throughout the entire run time of this, I kept thinking about the misconception in academia, where people often think that the more complicated the language of a text is, the more merit it has. Every second line in this script only exists to explain the one that came before it. There is a difference between a movie that is layered and complex and wants to challenge the audience, and one that is deliberately putting itself above it. 

    Also, after pretty…

  • Come and See

    Come and See

    "I want to love. I want children. Do you hear?"

    Probably the most shocking, challenging and engaging Anti-War movie I have ever seen. Like the title already suggests, "Come and See" strings you along and forces you to look at the horrors of war through the eyes of an innocent child. Every image and composition in this film is absolutely stunning and able to build a bridge between fictional cinema and documentary photography that feels like a punch in the…

  • Palm Springs

    Palm Springs

    oh to be stuck in an infinite time loop with cristin milioti...<3

  • Certified Copy

    Certified Copy

    "Give us that chance."

    Went into this completely blind and was completely blown away. Gorgeously shot, smart and layered without being obnoxious and on top of that incredibly moving in the most subtle of ways. Sometimes movies are good!!!

  • Little Fires Everywhere

    Little Fires Everywhere

    seven hours of reese witherspoon doing her best annasophia robb impression

  • To the Stars

    To the Stars

    Definitely the better Ad Astra

  • Never Rarely Sometimes Always

    Never Rarely Sometimes Always

    "Were they nice?"
    "Nice enough."

    Oozes with empathy. The lack of conflict within the story and between the main characters is so refreshing. The way Hittman underlines the silent understanding between women and relies on gestures and silence in order to tell her story is just so moving! A masterclass in finding dialogue in concerning glances and the hint of a smile.

  • Contagion


    fucked up if true!!