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  • Knife in the Water

    Knife in the Water


    Poor Krystyna, trapped on a boat with her pompous-ass husband and the insufferable hitchhiker. The selection of men in 1962 Poland must have been limited. True, the hitcher is young, but he immediately struck me as a complete imbecile, as if he was raised by a pack of wolves. Who grabs a boiling hot pot of soup and just holds on? I remember seeing an episode of "Naked and Afraid" where one of the contestants burned her own camp to…

  • House of 1000 Corpses

    House of 1000 Corpses


    It takes about 40 minutes for "1000 Corpses" to really get into high gear. Once it does, Dwight from "The Office" gets sliced up like an Alaskan salmon. Walton Goggins shows up as a Texas sheriff and his immense talent is immediately apparent. The entire cast is solid. One poor bastard ends up looking like something out of a Mexican drug cartel Instagram post; too bad it's not goody two shoes Chris Hardwick. Dr. Satan has something more unpleasant in…

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  • Beastie Boys Story

    Beastie Boys Story


    A nice companion piece to the "Beastie Boys Book", which goes into much greater detail and contains a huge amount of information.

    The film gives a much broader view of the band's career, with the first section covering their younger hard core and "License To Ill" days, the second covering their mid-career albums, and the last part a tribute to Adam Yauch. His death was a huge loss for music, as the Beastie Boys had fully embraced instrument driven funk…

  • Iron Man 3

    Iron Man 3


    Part of the Covid Marvel Marathon.

    This is far and away the best one in the series so far. It had me paying attention throughout, which is not an easy thing for me at this point. Guy Pearce looks like a cross between late-90s Bowie and a thin Val Kilmer. And Ben Kingsley crushes it as Sir Lawrence Obliviay. RDJ gives Stark some vulnerability. Finally.

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  • Scarface



    Howard Hawks' "Scarface" is really amazing when you consider it was made in 1932. All of its themes are applicable today [chiefly automatic weapons violence and immigration]. This is a less grim Tony than Brian de Palma's version, and this one even has some funny bits.

  • The Third Man

    The Third Man


    If you are looking to watch this classic based on Orson Welles being front and center on the poster, don't bother. Although great, he just has a minor role here. Which is to take nothing at all away from this near-perfect film.

    Hollis Martin is one hilarious ugly American in "The Third Man"; not fat and stupid, but repeatedly mispronouncing the names of the Euros and generally carrying on with a superior attitude. But for some reason I liked the…