Cloverfield ★★★★

I loved this. I loved the format. I love how frightening it is. The not knowing what is happening. Feeling at the mercy of something much bigger than oneself. The characters are desperate and logical thinking, acting out of gut instinct more than anything else.
We don’t know what is happening and knowing what it is wouldn’t make a difference. This is not the sort of movie that will turn its characters into heroes who save the day. I love that it doesn’t go there. I was expecting it from the moment they decided to go back into the city for Beth.
And it wasn’t because that is something that narrative progressively leads into, it was much more of a knee jerk reaction, due to the abundance of monster/attacks films that do follow that troop.
This turns 11 years old this year, and while it’s a monster movie that, of course, relies on CGI and all, it’s not at all dated. Feels like it could have been filmed yesterday.