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  • Lake Mungo

    Lake Mungo


    Watching LAKE MUNGO took me through the five stages of grief.
    Where every single stage was sheer unfathomable horror.

  • Joker



    It's hard to believe Todd Phillips knew how to handle the juggernaut that is Joaquin Phoenix's JOKER.

    Half inspired, half impersonation, it's no secret Philips drew from the masterworks of Scorsese. Even having De Niro himself sitting opposite Phoenix - it's as if Travis Bickle was confronting his equal in Arthur Fleck, offering a reflection on 1970s and 2020s America. 

    But regardless of how accurate this take, it's one of many narratives that I felt Philips struggled to completely land. Though the ambition, presentation and downright staggering performance from Phoenix will leave me conflicted for some time.

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  • Funny Ha Ha

    Funny Ha Ha


    Kate Dollenmayer walked so Greta Gerwig could run

  • Ad Astra

    Ad Astra


    How do you deal with loss without certitude? To delay that inevitable grief. Regressing without knowing the forfeit paid by those around you.

    James Gray's excellent Ad Astra captures this mindset and forces you to confront those demons. Totally alone, a million miles away from home.