Manon of the Spring ★★★★★

During my later years in university I spent many hours researching and watching as many French films as I could. I'd like to think this was for some cultural balance to my decisively safe option to study within a hour of my parents home - to stay close to friends, to keep the warmth of the ordinary. Though, most likely, this crusade was a stride towards a shallow pretentiousness. Freeloading the style associated, without realising the substance offered. Now looking back, a decade later after first seeing the masterpieces of Jean de Florette and Manon des Sources, it's likely to have been a combination of the two.

The story is simple. The themes are enteral. Yet, there's something incredibly special about these two films. With each viewing I learn something new about them, myself and the world around me. There are consequences to time, and undeniable permanence to arrogance. Only two types of men lay in their deathbeds, and I try to keep these lessons close to my heart.

Please watch these films, I hope they bring you an ounce of what they've given to me.

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