Favorite films

  • Black Swan
  • Inside Out
  • Inception
  • Django Unchained

Recent reviews

  • Annette


    That type of movies that if they were a play I would love, but as movie is a bit dull. The songs are amazing. I like Adam's and Marion's voices combined. Adam is amazing as always, Marion same, however the movie is too long, and too pretentious in some parts.

  • Pourquoi je vis

    Pourquoi je vis

    I was very enthusiastic when I thought there was going to happen a biopic, but acting was terrible. Gosh. The protagonist delivers in my opinion a very good representation of Greg, but the rest of the acting was not that good. I saw people having more chemistry with a door than the chemistry Karine's actress had with Greg xD
    I cried a lot with the movie, but I lacked a bit of emotional deepness and more elaborative dialogues. Plus, the directing was weird.