• Pootie Tang

    Pootie Tang



  • Double Jeopardy

    Double Jeopardy


    Wow. A completely ridiculous plot.

    So. Why did she spend all that time working out when we didn’t even see her actually kick any ass and take names…

  • Body of Evidence

    Body of Evidence



    I have started watching steamy/erotic thrillers. And… wow.

  • CrissCross




    The entire movie was left on this young boy’s shoulders and he was clearly not ready for it. The voice narration is like nails on a chalkboard.

  • Jagged Edge

    Jagged Edge


    This script was very TV movie. Glenn Close showed up to work though. I loved that a typewriter played a major role in this story.

  • Murder at the Vanities

    Murder at the Vanities


    I quite enjoyed the musical numbers in this and the costumes. Other than that … kind of a slog. It was rad to see a lady detective tho!

  • I'm No Angel

    I'm No Angel


    Mae West wrote this and starred which gives it in additional star. I really enjoyed the costumes in this - especially her spider 🕸 dress. 

    Overall it was an OK watch - kinda lulls during the court room scene. I was hoping for more Cary G.

  • Evil Angels

    Evil Angels


    This was upsetting and may not have been the best way to end a Sunday. Let’s all hear it for the Sunday scaries! Wooo!

    Theory: no one questioned the SONS and I think they knew something. I didn’t trust them. 

    If a man told me I was fat while I was pregnant and on trial for murder that I did not commit… I would most likely actually commit a murder. 🔪

  • The Cheat

    The Cheat


    This one was bothersome to me on several levels. In the end I don’t feel any of the problems were really resolved.

  • Murders in the Zoo

    Murders in the Zoo


    Lionel Atwell’s eyes 👀 scared me. 

    I still don’t understand zoos, so all around this is a trip to Frightsville. Lionel Atwell is terrifying. He “loves” his wife so very much that any man who attempts to kiss her, welllll… he sews their mouth shut or stabs them in the leg at a dinner party  with a snake head filled with venom. What a lovely man. 🫠 

    I did not care for: the animals fighting. 

    I did enjoy: when the snake gave Lionel a hug.

  • Citizen Kane

    Citizen Kane


    Orson 🪄 🥰

  • The Cat and the Canary

    The Cat and the Canary


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Third watch in my Silver Scream Series: In which I embark to the graveyard to watch the Universal Pictures Thrills & Chills of The Last Century

    “I don’t need the living ones.”

    This was a rewatch for me… After viewing the previous two SILENTS that were made I found this to be even more marvelous the second time around. There are so many interesting shots and I love the inter title cards… they are not only used less (Leni relies more…