Once Upon a Time in Hollywood ★★★½

Tarantino goes back to his roots with simple but well executed story telling. The mad world of 60s Hollywood during the end of the golden era is easy to be swept up in, with wonderful performances from Pitt, Robbie and Di Caprio seasoning a simmering pot of technicolour romantic magic. You go for the expected gore and high stakes drama and leave not knowing much about the night in question but touched by the all too familiar human emotions of nostalgia, passion and fear of being forgotten. You leave feeling like you’ve made new friends in the characters with the familiar comfort of empathy enveloping you and squeezing you tight. A love letter to the lives that Manson took. Also, making Polanski a character with no dialogue was a fantastic choice. Giving no screen time or a voice to abusers? We love to see it.

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