Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★★

once upon a time in hollywood is my first quentin tarantino film to be experienced in theaters. i was so glad to experience this film on the big screen because my love for quentin, as a director, started to blossom within the past few months after i took the time and invested in his filmography ( note i still have to see the hateful eight but i promise i will). as a director that i avoided watching his films because of people's biased opinions around me, i allowed those walls and barriers to be broken because it led me to become a huge quentin tarantino film fanatic. i was able to be apart of film history with this film. it may not be everyone's favorite tarantino film but it is one of my favorites (ofc inglorious basterd's is #1) but this is right behind it.

i was not disappointed with how the film flowed from one moment onto the next. i loved how quentin's visionary direction made sense as it flowed toward the end. for those who have seen the film and know what i'm talking about... those last 20 minutes still have my mind RACING (and i may never recover) but i'm glad he decided to finish ouatih that way because i was not expecting that from him. i think we can all agree with this because from a director like tarantino, who if you have seen his other works, you know how his films tend to end. this felt like justice even though fate was heartbreaking to this individual.

margot as sharon tate was perfection. it was the casting i never knew i needed. the scenes of sharon at the cinema and witnessing the audience reacting to her role in the wrecking crew (which this film has inspired me to watch it due to tarantino including clips of the original film) made my heart swell. how pure and how happy sharon looked in the cinema being surrounded by other fellow movie lovers hit me hard. i can relate that giddy feeling and going to the movies... how i love being surrounded by other fellow cinema lovers and how movies can bring us all together. this is something we should remember - the power movies have on us. it's a shame her career was short-lived but her memory will always be lived on. there wasn't enough of margot (and i will always say this because she's one of my favorite actresses) but i truly do hope she gets recognition for this performance and gets a nomination.

leo and brad were incredible together (and separate). i could never imagine anyone else playing cliff and rick other than leo and brad themselves. i really love the bromance dynamic that was brought onto our screen. both of their characters brought comedic relief whenever you would least expect it. seriously, we were laughing in my theater and just having a good time.

i am ready for another once upon a time in hollywood. anyone down? i'll fly out to see it with you (ok jk but seriously, i just love this film a lot!)

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