Waves ★★★½

i will be honest ─ i'm still not sure quite how i feel about waves after i gave myself an hour to digest what i had just watched. there's no denying the beauty of the cinematography. if anything, i think the cinematography makes the ENTIRE film. i definitely paid far more attention during the breathtaking shots of florida than what the character was currently going through at the moment which shouldn't have been the case but that's my experience.

something left me on a seesaw of emotions. while the film starts off strong, the first half focusing upon tyler, his chaotic experience of life and everything that was eating him alive as the character's narrative proceeds on until a startling scene sequence changes his entire life. the film takes an immediate SHARP 180 focusing upon emily, who is a mellow character compared to her brother, tyler, who did straight up SHIT that left my eyes widened. two siblings with two different personalities. i do like we were able to learn about both of them. the second half was rather unbearable to get through because the instant shift of the narrative kind of left me 'huh' and i wanted more of tyler, even when i knew his portion of the movie was over.

the soundtrack was incredible. another added bonus. gosh, i don't know. right now, i think giving waves 3.5 is generous enough. maybe i'll rewatch it in the future and have a different experience in terms of increasing it. right now, i can say i saw this and i definitely did enjoy it! maybe not as much as i was hoping to.

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