Prisoners ★★★★½

If hell was a movie it would be Prisoners. This was brutal, one of the most exhausting films I've ever seen and also one of the most thrilling - I was yelling at my TV screen multiple times. Jake Gyllenhaal was phenomenal, doing a really thought through performance - I loved the way he kept blinking, and then the way eyesight played into the sequence at the end where he was trying to drive. That whole scene was amazing - great use of neon, especially effective in a film that had otherwise been quite grey in cinematography (god, I love Roger Deakins). Viola Davis was also brilliant - my only complaint about this film is that she was somewhat underutilized. It's sort of a waste to give such a great actress only one scene to really show her talents - I wish she'd had a larger role.
The conspiracy-like nature of the film, with all the twists and mysteries still has me reeling - I'm convinced the mazes are of central importance, and trust the films backstory and interconnections to make sense when I look into them. Definitely going to try and track the script down, and rewatch too when I'm feeling emotionally prepared.

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