Scream ★★

A mostly annoying movie that thinks being Meta and self referencial is infinitely more important than developing worthwhile Characters, being thematically interesting or even being well made in general. So incredibly lacking in even the most basic reasons to give a shit about the plot that it's honestly insane anyone ever thought this thing worked well. Weirdly both too serious and too unserious for it's own good, with each character treating the entire situation as a joke in a way that robs any scenes of tension or emotion, while also being a mostly witless affair that fails to provide the signature humor from the previous entries, and the humor that is here never left me with a reaction beyond a chuckle. Honestly the last time I was this confused by a Movie's hype was A quiet place 2, like I have no idea how people see genius here. Most of the movies this pokes fun at are much more enjoyable than this.

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