Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★½

watching this at a point in my life when ive been prone to extreme nervous wrecks, dealing with crippling anxiety about my future and feeling increasingly isolated day after day from everyone around me was what really made this film cause a visceral impact on me. lately ive been so wracked with worries and uncertainties that i end up calling my family a minimum 4 times a day, hearing their voices and seeing their pixelated selves on my phone screen is the only thing keeping me tethered when im so convinced that im seconds away from disappearing or floating far far away at any moment. you can probably tell im not at my most emotionally stable but i guess what im trying to say is it was incredibly moving to see some of my own emotions and co-dependent tendencies present in Ruben and im grateful to this film for seeing through to me in this way.
that being said, sound of metal’s framing of cochlear implants in a negative light is a undoubtedly harmful and i encourage anyone who has seen it and has yet to educate themselves about the reality of the different experiences hard of hearing individuals have with implants to do so, my friend Drew does an incredible job of explaining it and reviewing the film here.