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  • Brand New Cherry Flavor

    Brand New Cherry Flavor


    A mysterious horror drama eight episodes limited series made my jaw drop on multiple occasions. Rosa Salazar stars as Lisa, a novice film director who heads to Hollywood in the early 90s to make a movie sticking true to her vision, instead helplessly falling into obscure dreamlike hallucinations of sex and revenge. Salazar was electrifying, including Eric Lange and Catherine Keener who were phenomenal as well. That first episode ropes us into madness as we watch Lisa try to navigate…

  • The Invitation

    The Invitation


    There's something fascinating about a film that masterfully mounts dread throughout its narrative. Will, played by Logan Marshall-Green, was invited to a reunion dinner with some old friends at his ex-wife, Eden, and her new husband’s home. Everyone seems to be good-natured at first but then our power couple hosts seem to have a hidden agenda. As anxiety starts to build up trying to figure out is it paranoia or something sinister going on, the intelligent writing accomplishes a lot of…

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    M. Night Shyamalan’s latest supernatural thriller film was a mess. A family on vacation was invited by the resort along with a small group of people to an exclusive beach and it takes a turn when they all start aging at an abnormal rate. Such an uneven performance. I liked the kids more than the adult actors. The dialogue was clunky. They over-explained everything yet it still was riddled with plot holes. Instead of organically introducing characters, they made the…

  • Candy



    This crime drama miniseries is a 5 part fictionalized retelling of a true story from the late 70s. Starring Jessica Biel as the title character Candy, a seemingly perfect Texas suburban housewife is accused of brutally murdering her friend Betty, played by Melanie Lynskey (liked her in I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore). Fun casting, everyone did a great job except for the cameo. It turned this into a parody when that person showed up. Luckily Biel…

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  • The Unforgivable

    The Unforgivable


    The Unforgivable is a drama thriller that's set in a classic hard-boiled world but could have done a lot more. Sandra Bullock stars as Ruth, a woman who served her time for a violent crime, get out early on good behavior, and renters society after 20 years. She tries to put her life back together while looking for the sister she left behind when she was incarcerated, but the world refuses to forgive her. Perfect title. We got a great performance…

  • The Tender Bar

    The Tender Bar


    George Clooney adds another movie to filmography as a director with this lighthearted coming-of-age biopic. It’s a story about J.R., played by Daniel Ranieri as younger J.R and Tye Sheridan as older, of his upbringing at his Uncle Charlie’s (Ben Affleck) bar. Affleck was fun to watch as the straight shooter uncle and had some endearing moments with J.R. who was abandoned by his father. His mother Dorothy and Grandpa played by Lily Rabe and Christopher Lloyd gave some warm performances as…