Love Hard

Love Hard ★★½

It’s that time again for the inevitable release of holiday movies and this one had all the elements of a formulaic rom-com. Natalie played by Nina Dobrev, is a LA writer for a blog column for her disaster date stories. One day, expanding her online dating life outside of her city, she connects with a man from Lake Placid NY, that could be potentially the one. Flying over to surprise him just in time for Christmas, she finds out she's been catfished by Josh, played by Jimmy O. Yang. Two adorably odd strangers, a misunderstanding, the other love interest, and it plays out the way it always plays out. With nothing fresh and original, this movie still manages to have charm and funny moments, especially with Yang. He was was endearing to watch as the other lead. I just wished they took a chance to be different and have a more clever ending.

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