Nocturne ★★★★

Wow! This was one of the better films coming out of ‘Welcome to the Blumhouse’ anthology from 2020. A mousy pianist, Juliet, played sensationally by Sydney Sweeney, and her twin Vivian, played by Madison Iseman, are students of an elite music school. Always second to her outgoing twin sister, things take a turn when Juliet comes across a mysterious notebook containing ghastly illustrations from a student who recently committed suicide. This psychological and supernatural thriller dives into the mind of someone who would exchange their soul to achieve musical excellence. Strangely, her parents were carefree and the teacher never pushed her, so the weighty pressure felt a bit farfetched. But they manage to tell the tale of temptation well enough through sibling rivalry. And the ending was grim. Great cinematography with an electrifying musical score, this is something I will watch again.

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