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  • Columbus



    The whole film is a call to slow down and observe.

  • The Opera House

    The Opera House


    A documentary about the Metropolitan Opera, focusing on the years of its transition from its old opera house to its new one which opened in 1966 in Lincoln Square. If you love opera and/or New York, this is a must see film. Leontyne Price is priceless in it. Many other greats in amazing archival footage. Glorious music. Humor, swelling emotions, history, drama...all of the things that great opera contains.

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  • Sagrada - The Mystery Of Creation

    Sagrada - The Mystery Of Creation


    Beautiful documentary about a fascinating structure with music from Bach's "B Minor Mass". Sublime!

    I wish it had said something about the organ whose pipes we got a mere glimpse of in a few frames, and I wish it had explained the significance of what looked like a magic square on the Passion façade. Turns out that is indeed what it is; all the rows, columns, and diagonals sum to 33, the age of Christ at the time of his Passion.

  • Blaise Pascal

    Blaise Pascal


    Excellent, but I was disappointed that it made no mention of Pascal's Triangle. I was also delighted to find myself watching it (by random coincidence) on Nov 23, which happened to be the date that Pascal wrote of his famous "FIRE" experience on a piece of parchment that he sewed into his coat hem.