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  • Amélie



    A new favourite. Beautiful story, each character was so interestingly introduced and developed. Woweee aren’t the colours just something. I could live in the world she lives in. It was so inviting and wholesome. I feel so happy, ahhhhh. Just the right amount of love story and quirk 💗💞💓💖

  • Before Sunrise

    Before Sunrise


    What an utterly gorgeous film. I wasn’t emotionally prepared whatsoever and I loved how dialoge heavy this was. I’m in love with this movie and with Jesse and Celine, what a beautiful love story; I think everyone dreams of having someone to talk about everything and anything with. Somebody come to Vienna and explore the city with me.

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  • The Death of Stalin

    The Death of Stalin


    funny but I’m shit with history so a lot of the info kinda went in one ear and out the other. really liked how the characters were introduced tho

  • Wildlife



    was a v lucky gal and caught this at the bfi london film fest. i really liked how we were lead to make our own conclusions with who we sympathised with. the chemistry or lack of worked really well and the film itself flowed really nicely. every shot could be a beautiful photograph from the 50's and i'm really into that. rather impressive for a first feature, well done Paul n Zoe

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