River of Grass

River of Grass ★★★

This was cool. It's everything you'd want from a debut feature by Kelly Reichardt. The voice is fresh and the rough edges only add to its charm. I loved how totally uneventful it is. Reichardt herself described it best as "a road movie without the road, a love story without the love, and a crime story without the crime." There are some really funny and inventive moments. Like a scene in which you're expecting a character to pull a gun on a shopkeeper, only for a character from the background to come out of nowhere and do it instead. It has echoes of movies like Badlands which I imagine is totally intentional. It feels like Reichardt wanted to evoke those films then subvert them with her mundane touches. It reminded me a lot of Jane Campion's film Sweetie and the two would make a fun double feature.

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