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  • The Dentist

    The Dentist


    Still very entertaining indeed, and who else remembers that MARK RUFFALO is in it???

  • Psycho IV: The Beginning

    Psycho IV: The Beginning


    I REALLY like this movie. It's a well crafted, different take on the story, and the script and cast are very good.

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  • Dirty Harry

    Dirty Harry


    A stone cold classic, which still looks amazing on the big screen. Eastwood's laconic performance is tough and occasionally hilarious, and Andrew Robinson is absolutely terrifying as Scorpio. The action scenes are lean and brutal, and the cinematography is ahead of it's time, a lot of establishing shots are actually handheld, giving the film a very gritty "in the moment" feel. Lalo Schifrin's score is absolutely superb and the nihilistic ending is still thought provoking. We watched this at the…

  • Commando



    This is still 10/10 and the best thing ever, ever.