Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame ★★★½

Compared to all the trash that Marvel has produced over the years, this one did not suck. But while it wasn’t a “bad” movie, it was far from being a “good” one, either. It was an “event movie”, that’s for sure, and i did (kind of) have a good time watching it, even if i had to cringe and facepalm so many times that i lost count.

See, the most depressing thing is, under all this atrocious dialogue and forced pathos lurks an actually compelling story, but none of the folks involved in making this film (or most of the previous instalments, n.b.) can write characters, nor can they stage an organic structure of events. Things “just happen”, but rarely does anything feel authentic or even plausible. And i’m not talking about plot contrivances or flying people or any of that, i’m still talking about the most basic character interactions. Jokes are inserted when the studio demands it (often at the most inappropriate moment, and at very regular intervals), to not make the film feel too depressing or too “boring”, but this only manages to rip you out of the make-believe world. It’s truly frustrating.

At least the beers i had made this an enjoyable evening – and i had plenty, seeing how long Endgame ended up being.

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