Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049 ★★★★

THIS is how you make a proper sequel. You can keep your Force Awakenses, Prometheuses, King Kongs, and Jurassic Worlds while i’ll be happily rewatching this one many times over.

The one gripe i have with Blade Runner 2049, is that it still has too much fanservice in it. For example, the opening close-up shot of the eye has no place in this. Eyes were an integral part of the first film, but not so much in this sequel. So why put it in, other than “because it was in the first one”? This re-use of iconic imagery to provoke nostalgic feelings reeks of pandering, while thematically it’s out of place and serves no real purpose. Any film – sequel or not – should be able to stand on its own; but BR49 at least does this mostly right.

PS: The closing credits are probably the most awe-inspiring ones i have ever seen in a movie. Step aside, TRON: Legacy, we have a new king!

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