Blue Is the Warmest Color ★★★★

I am somewhat conflicted about this film. With a runtime of close to 3 hours, you're not only supposed to really get to know these characters, but you also feel kind of entitled to a proper resolution by the time it's over – which the film does not provide. The problem is, the film is incredibly episodic (without explicitly spelling it out for you). It makes you feel like a voyeur who shifts in and out of the lives of our protagonists. What you see is utterly fascinating, and you can hardly look away. You do get to know these characters, but not completely. You're always left wondering about that final line of dialog that you never see. Maybe this is true to life, where no-one really gets to know anybody, but for a movie that is trying to tell such a personal story, it's kind of frustrating.

Ultimately, i would still recommend this film, because the performances are nothing short of spectacular. Nothing about this film ever feels forced or fake. Cinematography is excellent, albeit not groundbreakingly creative (it relies mostly on closeups), but it's fitting for this kind of story. Music, likewise, is very appropriate. If anything, the film should be 30 minutes longer so we have even more time go get to know all these people – secondary characters included.