First Man ★★½

If a film is slow-paced and focuses on the people rather than just action, it’s usually right up my alley. This one, however, bored me out of my mind. Why? It never made me care about any of the characters. Even worse, i never got to learn anything about them. Except for Armstrong who, according to this movie, was a very quiet and unemotional man – hardly the stuff to fill a 2 hour movie with, especially when something as monumental as the moon landing is happening in the background.

I get it. This is a film about the man rather than the mission, but it fell flat. It got Ryan Gosling repeat his subdued performance of Drive – a film that left me equally frustrated. That’s just not what Gosling is good at (unless he’s playing a Machine). He’s at his best when he gets to play an actual guy (as in The Notebook).

So no, First Man ended up feeling way too depressing.

Oh, and that excessive shaky-cam!