Hardcore Henry ★★★

As a movie, i haven't seen anything like this. As a live action video game… well, you're probably better off playing an actual video game.

The thing is, i have played my share of video games – first person shooters included – and if this movie is trying to emulate them, it's emulating the worst of them. It's action, and nothing but action; and video games these days usually offer a lot more than that.

If you're here purely for the novelty of a movie shot entirely in first person perspective, then go check it out; this might be a flick for you. If you want just a tad more than that, go play a video game.

(Note: I had to turn this film off after about an hour, it was too much for me. Then i played 3 full hours of Mirror's Edge Catalyst until 4am in the morning. And if that game doesn't manage to make you sea-sick, no game will.)