Straight Up ★★½

Tied knot. Takes quite a bit for its aggressive aesthetic+oral affectations to reveal the film’s rawness and gestures towards fragility, which is frustrating because its sexual/emotional Eschery configurations are only satisfying when it feels human. VIP Findlay.

The layers of artifice (verbal and formal) aren't always fully realized as layers atop vulnerability, especially for Sweeney as a performer, so a lot of it feels grating period, as opposed to grating with the invitation of peaking what's behind a nebbishy personality.

But that it sort of interrogates the value of cultural codifications of gayness versus sexual/romantic categorizations of gayness, bisexuality, straightness, etc. is interesting bc it problematizes what these characters, or even "we", want out of intimacy & how that's realized.

I wish it committed a little more to asexuality as a potential framework for the character, esp because so much of the film's baggage is the way sexuality is projected onto everyone, particularly on those connected to a social group that is defined by sexual difference.