Three Identical Strangers

The exploitation of the story, and its baggage, feels especially gross because it’s a film that pretends to be about humanity. At the very end of the film, the editor of the original Newsday article offers platitudes about how everyone else was looking for how similar they were and that we should be looking for their differences. And finally, the boys also admit they played up their similarities, wanted to be similar. But it’s a crock of shit when the last 80 minutes have done little to explore those differences — cultural, emotional, psychological. David Cronenberg and Charlie Kaufman are more thoughtful about twins than Wardle is. Wardle reveals himself as interested in nothing, not even the human condition to this story, but cheap tabloid drama, and, worse, doesn’t have the self awareness to explore the meta, postmodern implications of that modern mythologization. “Truth is stranger than fiction” is just a marketing strategy.

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