Always Be My Maybe ★★

The final scene is indicative of the issues at play here. It is a small revelation from one character to another, a surprise, deepening the connection between them, an homage to their past, a tribute. But it's all wrong. The rhythm is too fast, there's no patience, no poetry - my auteurist broken brain for some reason made a connection to Crowe's We Bought a Zoo and the ending of that film, where Crowe takes his time, showing the emotional process, step by step, truly earning the images, the fantasy and emotional closure. But the final scene is a synecdoche: there's no moments where we linger, where we explore, it is far too much of a sitcom creation, where every moment of silence is squashed with ADR'd jokes. The Keanu Reeves section of the film is the most memorable, but it stands somewhat outside of things, developing its own rhythm, independent of the rest of the film. But this probably reads too negatively. The core of the film, the chemistry between Ali Wong and Randall Park, is strong; one wishes they had more down time to simply be, instead of the design always guiding them.