The Week Of ★★★

What got me isn't the final heart-to-heart between Sandler and his daughter (I mean it's perfect, but no), but rather the quick shot of the two dogs together at the edge of the dance. It's not just the payoff to the narrative set-up, but rather the generosity of spirit - one which seeps into every single character, every single interaction, never betraying or looking down at anyone. Who compared this to Renoir? Everyone has their reasons - there is no pat resolution to Chris Rock's lonely doctor, his relationship to his family is still strained, he barely has a one-on-one interaction with his son during the entire movie; the bride's best friend continuously strives to hold on to her status when faced with the bride's college friends and when everyone puts down her ideas as corny, but in the end the final dance is wonderful in its ridiculousness, the make-do attitude, seeing life clearly but with hope. Opportunities are given for some, denied for others - the obsessed kid neighbor tearing down the pictures in his wall is hilarious and also moving - and ultimately what is left a celebration of the small pleasures of life, the quietness of the morning after while sitting on the porch, things left up in the air. Also, I almost died laughing when they threw the guy in the ball pit.