Been Busy: Influences & Connections

These are some of the films that some way or another found their way into Been Busy, my 2nd movie. I am also adding a list of the films people have compared it to, which will be right below January. Forgive me, this is very self-absorbed.

The Parrot and the Swan - Although I saw it pretty late into the process of making the film, it did become very central to me. It's a film that begins with the documentary impulse and soon uses it as a jumping off point toward fiction and romance.

Film Socialisme - Godard is always with us, and specially in this film, working with the digital cameras, the play with textures was very important.


  • The Parrot and the Swan
  • Film Socialisme
  • Voices Through Time
  • Yi Yi
  • Maison Ikkoku: Through the Passing of the Seasons
  • January
  • Sleepless Nights Stories
  • Classical Period
  • The Florida Project
  • Duck Season
  • I Can No Longer Hear the Guitar
  • Goodbye to Language
  • Christine