Murmur of the Hearts

Murmur of the Hearts ★★★★½

Murmur of the Hearts shows that not only a model family can express the concept of family affection. Dad is the boundary of the free sky, Mom is the tenderness that runs through life, and the ocean that takes life to the distance. The obsession with the mother made the children finally "go home". The narration is very Japanese, the rhythm is comfortable like spring water, the emotions are simmering but the sea is surging. In the end, what you get is not the perception of the characters, but the peace of reconciliation with the world, which is the most magical part of the film.

The beautiful fantasy strokes of the film are not at all unacceptable, but give people a knowing blow at the finishing touch. Sylvia Chang perfectly showed the three people's Murmur of the Hearts fantasy in an extremely delicate, touching and soft way. Hazy, like far and near, floating like a dream, not drunk or awake. Staring at each other at the end of the meeting, without too many words, just like the warm and pleasing sunshine outside the window. We are all taken with a part of our life by the lost, and we live every day looking for this lost life.

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