• Hanezu



    The rising moon in the dark night, the mysterious sigh in the dream, a nest of whispering chicks, a drop of dew; the land is as silent as love, and the rain is as precious as tears. Taste those souls who always stay in the morning mist in the mountains. Escape and return, death and rebirth, caged birds and finches on lights, choice and silence, walking and staying, every step is nested in the glory or regret of the past,…

  • Millennium Mambo

    Millennium Mambo


    The sequence of Hou Hsiao-hsien’s works obviously uses Sea Flowers as the dividing point in the middle and late stages. His millennium blow of a movie further marks his complete transformation in theme and style. The local memories and the history of the family and country in the early and middle stages have been split into the modern metropolis.

    The camera moves are all so addictive, you can't see by listening, and can't hear by guessing. It was the first…

  • Days of Being Wild

    Days of Being Wild


    My most favorite director Wong Kar-wai depicts a nihilistic existence with astonishing nostalgic freehand brushwork. "Bird without feet" is a kind of life, flying non-stop, it seems that there is no goal, no end, no feeling, pure selflessness, so much hesitation in the lost age, full of lonely poetry. The ticking time is a bird without feet in Days of Being Wild, and its non-stop polishing in situ also made Wong Kar-wai's world of light and shadow achieve a qualitative…

  • The Protégé

    The Protégé


    A classic action vehicle for a pleasant movie blur of the evening that quickly spills over. The plot skeleton of The Protége is the most played cliché that can be found in action revenge thrillers. In addition, it operates with dull and slowing-down plot twists, which in the second half keep us away from the final action inferno, which we eagerly await and which we will not get in the end. Fortunately, director Campbell always knew how to shoot the…

  • Scandal Makers

    Scandal Makers


    Korean cinema is the new Hollywood, the life of the Korean people is exquisite, the decoration is elegant, the concept is open, the children are mature, the attitude is optimistic, and the ending is warm. The only difference is the humor does not cause American embarrassing, which is very pleasant.

  • A Cheonggyecheon Dog

    A Cheonggyecheon Dog


    At some point I thought my DVD player was stuck, then I thought the TV was broken, then I thought the sound was broken. I thought the image was lost, I thought the film was overexposed, I thought the director was crazy, I thought I was blind, I thought I was on drugs, I thought I was going crazy with epilepsy, I didn't think that everything, what I thought should be thought, so I thought I didn't think how not…

  • Stateless Things

    Stateless Things


    The prodigal son wandering in the distance can only find the happiness of others according to the map. Like a paper crane in a fish tank, the seemingly gorgeous life is actually stagnant water. When the trajectories of life coincide, the once stubborn me is still struggling to open the door, but now I have learned to obey, but I indifferently close the door. Is it necessary to return to the old me to be reborn?

    Stateless Things is a…

  • Schism



    How to be your true self in a society that worships fakeness? Start develop self-awareness, stop pretending or imitating other people, accept your imperfection, don't depend on others for validation or self-worth, be vulnerable with yourself and eventuelly put all masks aside and accept all of your ugly parts, which is the hardest thing to do but also the ultimate key to victory. Only the truth of who you are, if realized, will set you free. It's now or never, once and for all.

  • Love Song

    Love Song


    Sion Sono's debut work. What a start. The alarm clock throughout the whole process is an extreme test of the audience's tolerance, but the way to provoke the audience is very interesting, you can think of it as wrestling with the director. Sono just wanted to represent anxiety and urgency in love and go from there. The process of self-modification from the heart of obeying desires and gradually moving towards external reality is relatively rough, but it is worth to look closer and take repeated watches. Starting from the id, running to the superego deep and far.

  • Somersault



    Is this a stage that we all have to go through in our lives, consciously but without avoidance, to burn youth and burn out the most beautiful colors. People will be attracted by the beautiful appearance. After a commotion, they will find the void in their hearts. Maybe this is the journey we all must walk. We are suppressed but want to indulge, then escape and return illuminated in the end, as a prove that we have grown.

  • Teenage Dreamers

    Teenage Dreamers


    Interpretation of the transitional nature of youth, and refer to the struggle between "new" and "old" by different people's new interpretations of traditional Shakespeare plays. But the film still conservatively terminates all transgressions. Youth is only temporary, and after the curtain ends, it still has to return to the trajectory preset by adults. If you could combine youthful spirit and energy with adult reflection and experience, would it cancel youthful recklessness and inexperience and adult headbirths and inertia to come closer to the instructions for the recipe "life"?

  • Wandering



    Through the nesting of the structure, the solidification action is transformed into a vision, covering thousands of things. The double gaze of "walking" and "watching", until Tsai himself appeared, formed the third layer of tone, and immediately abandoned the established micro-nesting mode and returned to the most simple and intuitive line drawing. Although the viewing method is as one-way as his nested Walker and No NoNo Sleep, it directly follows the deconstruction of architecture in Goodbye Dragon Inn, and there…