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  • The Bling Ring

    The Bling Ring

    This film is truly awful.

    Even dumb teenagers aren't believably this boring.

    The worst thing is that every time you yawn because theres no compelling characterisation, dialogue, tension, or plot, you can hear Sophia Coppola screeching 'yeah but thats the point, that what I am trying to say'.

    The 2011 Lifetime tv version is more watchable.

    People who like this movie as piece of cinema: I dare you to watch it a second time with your brain switched on.


  • Iron Man 3

    Iron Man 3


    I liked the other Iron Man films because it seemed like they let Downey Junior loose with a fun character. i.e. he's a millionaire playboy with all the cool toys and the best fake computers money can animate. yay fun.

    This time they decided to write in anxiety attacks and bouts of sensitivity, maybe so it followed on from what happened in the Avengers? (correct me if I am wrong but didn't he just fight some big bad guy and…

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  • Iron Sky

    Iron Sky


    Nazi's on the Moon - here is an example of the kind of films we can expect more of in the age of Kickstarter.

    The idea is catchy enough to hook people in and want to fund it, but its way too whacky to make it past the high concept gatekeepers at the other end of the spectrum in Hollywood.

    Interesting too that the film was a co-production between Finland, Germany & Australia. Its hard to say whether the USA is…

  • The Beast Pageant

    The Beast Pageant


    Shot on DV in black & white and funded via Kickstarter 'The Beast Pagent' leaps from lo-fi urban quirkiness to epic nature escape.

    There is some really beautiful art direction and costumes and the soundtrack really makes the film.

    Watch the trailer, its a winner, theres a tiny singing cowboy, what more do I need to say: