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This review may contain spoilers.

Regardless of what you think of these films, you have to admit that what marvel has accomplished in terms of film making is astounding. This film is very important to a lot of people including myself, so I'm overjoyed to say that this movie did not disappoint! I do not envy the writers or the directors that have the task of making a film this monumental, so much respect to the writers and the Russo´s for being able to juggle this many characters and story lines. The deaths of Iron man and Black widow were incredibly emotional, and Captain Americas story arc was completed beautifully. The way the other hero's were integrated into the movie was also really well handled, aside from Captain Marvel who felt completely unnecessary and shoehorned in. I found the character of Captain Marvel to be incredibly obnoxious in this film, so gratefully she was not in it very long. This was the best movie I think was possible to make given the expectations and was completely satisfying to long time fans of the series

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